ADF Motors offer fixed pricing* for servicing so you can see what your car service is going to cost in advance.

We provide a full range of car services and repair from annual car service through to timing belt change and clutch replacement. A car service is a vital part of ensuring you avoid breakdowns, maximising the life of your car and is important for maintaining vehicle safety.

We perform safety checks which include brake function, wheel and transmission function, signals and indicators, door locking, window wash and wipers. We only use premium parts and operate according to the recommended service schedule for your car so you can be confident in our service.

Here at ADF Motors we are stockist of BG Products for your vehicle, ie Fuel Treatments for both Petrol and Diesel vehicles and Engine Treatments to ensure your car and engine last longer and run better. Please ask about these next time you are in with us.

We also now can drain and replace your power steering fluid ( which should be done every 4 years ) and we can also do a Gear Box Oil Change.

Service Pricing

Petrol Vehicles

Engine Size Interim Service Full Service
Up to 1600cc €119 €209
Up to 2000cc €139 €229

* Please note that cars over 2012 in year and cars with long life plugs will cost more as the parts are more expensive but we will let you know before your car comes into us.

Diesel Vehicles*

Interim Service Full Service
Prices Starting From €139 €249

* Please note that some newer engines require manufacturer specified oil. If your vehicle requires one of these we will contact you before we service it.

* Please note that some newer vehicles have more expensive Fuel filters but if your vehicle requires one of these we will contact you before we service it.

* Also please note that some cars may require Pollen filters for your A/C which is not part of the normal service and would be extra but again if it is needed we would you know.